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Customer Service

At the point when times are harsh, when everyone is chasing for new business, it is the best chance to listen to your baffled clients. Really the best time to discover how you can enhance your service is presently – before they complain.

You may have encountered this: you call a supplier to complain or to request that a mistake be corrected. Regrettably, he doesn’t reply up or does not catch up on your request. They give the feeling that they are overpowered with issues – excessively caught up trying and making it impossible to profit. What a wasted opportunity! Take each and every protest as a great chance to make your client more faithful than ever. Apply this guideline religiously and you will leave your fiercest rivals in the dust!

So here is the tip: SURVEY your clients to figure out how you can enhance the quality of your service. Do not wait for complaints to stack up around your desk. Be pro-active! At the point when everyone is frantically searching for cash, show that you care and show your total commitment to make them ever more content and happy.

  1. Make it a routine to call clients with a standard, pre-arranged form. A maximum of 5 inquiries should be asked. A satisfaction survey should be done every 2 or 3 months.
  1. Preferably don’t restrain yourself to e-surveys (surveys made on-line). Those can be a great help however nothing parallels an immediate, live communication with your clients.
  1. Contact or hire individuals who have a friendly tone and attitude on the telephone – regardless of what feedback they get. Keep in mind: Train them to receive any sort of communication from upset clients. Regardless of how intense or “terrible” a feedback can be, the simple reality that somebody is listening can have a major effect and decrease the frustration.
  1. Take care of the complaints always. Invest the required time and cash to handle and resolve a justified complaint. On the off chance that a client is disappointed, he probably been expecting a lot from you. So you have to live up to meet his desires.
  1. Train your sales force to expect complaints. Instruct your sales force to dependably begin a conversation with the question: How are you getting along with our services? ; What can we do to help and improve our services? Don’t think that asking such inquiries will make you lose deals and sales. Not posing these questions to disappointed clients is the best approach to lose them.

In summary, if there are no survey, no feedback, no loyalty, you will most likely lost or gain no money.