How to be a Leader





“A failure is not always a mistake. It may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying.”

                                                                                                                        –B.F. Skinner


Beyond passion and planning, perseverance is still the ultimate component that gets the winner to finish line. Creating your life is hard work, so what do you do when all are falling and drifting apart? The answer is Hope and faith. These two words seem a little bit dramatic and deep but as you grow you will realize that these are your greatest weapons. Success is not always about getting all things done according to plan, but according to one’s deepest trust and pursuit of dreams.

Below are the necessary tips and techniques to help you not give up, cling to hope, believe in success and to persevere toward your goals. You need to understand all of it and then make it happen!

  1. Reach and call a companion for support.
  1. Write what you’re feeling about your improvement in your daybook.
  1. Recognize a particular action step you want to finish. Enlist a friend or member from your Support Squad to stay with you until you’ve done it.
  1. Be a guide. Offer to help another person who’s battling with one of the same issues you are, whether it’s wellness, child parenting, or career issues.
  1. Prepare your Support Squad. Ask a couple of individuals from your Support Squad to get together to address a particular issue or problem about which each of them has data, skill, or earlier history. Be cautious about blending totally unrelated areas like your workout pal and your career mentor.
  1. Do some deep breathing activities.
  1. Proceed with your training and education. Enlist in an adult instruction or college course to help you meet one of your objectives or learn another expertise.
  1. Move and exercise. Get your endorphins going and your body moving by taking an energetic walk or lifting a few weights.
  1. Learn perception and visualization. Rehearse one of the visualization activities like imagining your healing sanctuary.


  1. Show somebody a skill that reinforces a step on your guide.
  1. Conceptualize issues with your companions. Do some uncensored brainstorming with several buddies around an issue where you feel stuck.
  1. Pick a negative thought or action in which you routinely enjoy and commit on stopping today. On the off chance that, much of the time you let yourself know or others that you’re fat, decide never to say that again and stick to it. Have your loved ones fine you if you break your standard.
  1. Treat yourself. Indulge yourself to something that feels expensive, regardless of the fact that it’s just a supermarket bouquet or a cheap CD.
  1. Clarify one of the tools you’ve learned, such as taking advantage of your innovativeness and creativity to a child. Then enjoy whatever you’ve portrayed.
  1. Host a success gathering to celebrate having finished a little action step or a general objective. Assure that it suits your budget and style, whether it’s cake and espresso at home or a fancy night on the town. Invite your good supporters to go along with you.
  1. Be dynamic in a cause or movement that renews your dedication to your own vision. If your vision incorporates a career change, join a gathering or class that reinforces that objective.
  1. Locate another approach to tout your triumphs. Begin a family newsletter to boast about your recent achievements. Encourage everybody to join in and make some commotion about their triumphs as well.
  1. Extend and deepen your confidence. Whatever you trust spiritually, reestablish and extend your dedication. Join a congregation or sanctuary, discover a community or group of similarly interested individuals, and discover strength in numbers.
  1. Take a break and back off your objectives for a few days. Rather than kick yourself for slacking off or feeling regretful for not gaining, settle on a conscious choice that you’re on vacation and appreciate the get-away.
  1. Take Sundays off. There’s a reason a lot of religious gatherings think about Sunday as a day of rest. Attempt not working, not talking, not driving, or not watching TV one day a week and see how much more focus you can give yourself and your goals.
  1. Take a risk. Large or little, try something you never thought you’d have the courage to do, whether it’s making a speech at a Toastmaster’s club, climbing a mountain, taking a ballroom class at the Y, or bungee bouncing.


Perseverance isn’t drudgery. It’s a pledge to continue going forward and move toward the vision you’ve made of your best possible life of reason and pursuit.