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How To Make Money From Blogs


Webopedia characterizes a site as “a Web page that serves as a freely accessible personal diary for a person. Commonly updated every day, blogs regularly mirror the personality of the author.”

Blogs have turn into a well-known device for both organizations and people to share their voice and insights to the world. Some blogs are made to give a more “accommodating” face to a business, permit interaction with customers, even as a tool to create traffic. Others compose blogs to share their interests and pull in similarly-minded people.

Whatever the purpose behind making a blog, the inquiry is: What would you be able to do to profit from your blog?

Steps to Earning Money from Your Blog

Here are steps to starting a blog and earning money from your articles:

1. Set up your blog.

You can have the choice of utilizing their URL (e.g. or utilize the blog software in your own domain name (

Here are some places that will permit you to make your own particular blog (some of these are free, while few has monthly/yearly membership):

• Blogger
• Typepad
• Moveable Type
• WordPress
• Tumblr
• Livejournal

In any case, if you are considering utilizing your blog to acquire cash, you have to check first with the blog platform whether they permit advertisements to be put on blogs. Some blog platforms have strict rules and will delete your blog in the event that you put promotions on them., possessed by Google which also runs the logical advertising network AdSense, is one of the promotion-friendly blog platforms around.

2. Make an awesome content.

Everything begins with content. With awesome content, you can pull in more traffic and more connected visitors, which gives you higher probability of monetizing your blog.

Why will they need to read your blog? Why will they need to invest their time in your blog? Give esteem, valuable data and different benefits to the readers. Your blog can contain up-to-the-minute news and investigation; or it could be a witty and amusing look at popular society. Give a motivation behind why visitors will visit your blog.

3. Get traffic to your blog.

You can’t acquire money from your blog if the blog site does not have traffic. Numerous commit the error of accepting that once they make a web blog, individuals will instantly rush to it. There are millions out there so why might they visit your blog?

Getting traffic will be your greatest test. Here is a far reaching summary of places where you can list your blogs and syndicate its content – Resources for Marketing Your Blogs and RSS Feeds

One helpful strategy for getting traffic to your blog is to utilize social media. Build up your online networking popularity in sites, for example, Twitter and Facebook, among others. Utilize pictures in your blogs, for example, infographics, and post them on visual social media sites for example, Pinterest and Instagram.

Ways to Make Money from Blogs

One of the most widely recognized methods for generating cash from blogs is through advertising and donations. Here are a few ways you can acquire cash from your blog:

1. Advertising programs

  • Google AdSense- one of the easiest to join and best way to make money from blogs, and Google’s ownership of makes it easy to start earning from blogs.
  • allows publishers to earn money from ads coming from the Yahoo! and Bing network.
  • Chitika- contextual advertising that pays per click and focuses on product-based advertisers.
  • offers CPM and CPC advertising, including in-text advertising. Requires traffic minimum of at least 3,000 impressions per month.
  • (formerly Tribal Fusion) -requires 500,000 unique users per month
  • Burst Media- requires all banners to be put above the fold
  • also offers xml feeds advertising

2. Blog-specific ad networks

  • Federated Media Publishing- ad network that represents high traffic and most influential blogs offering mostly through CPM and flat rate advertising
  • ad network for influential blogs
  • CrispAds- offers keyword targeted text ads (not contextual)
  • AdGridwork -an advertising network offering text ads; as well as a traffic exchange network

3. In-Content Ads

Certain words in your website will be linked to ads and usually pays by pay per click.

  • Kontera
  • (formerly Feedvertising)

4. Related Content Advertising

A content discovery-type of advertising where thumbnails showing recommendations to third party content on other sites are usually placed at the bottom of the content.

  • -accepts smaller sites; joining the program is easy for those using their WordPress plugin
  • -accepts sites that receive over 2 million monthly page views
  • -caters to high-traffic websites
  • -in-feed ads
  • Disqus Promoted Discovery

5. Direct Ad Sales

  • DoubleClick Ad Exchange -now part of Google’s Doubleclick suite of products
  • OpenX Ad Exchange -for users of the OpenX advertising system
  • Google Adsense -now offers direct ad sales component
  • -real time bidding for display advertising

6. Affiliate Programs

  • Amazon Associates Program
  • Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction)
  • (mostly for information products)
  • iTunes Affiliate Program
  • Check out companies you admire or work with to find out whether they run their own affiliate programs.

7. Mobile App Ad Networks

If your blog has its own mobile app, here are options where you can earn money:

  • AdMob -program run by Google
  • iAd -Apple’s advertising network for app creators
  • -pays Android app developers weekly
  • -provides in-application advertising for Verizon Developer community
  • inMobi -a mobile native advertising exchange

8. Video Ad Networks

If you are creating original videos from or based on your blog, there are a number of ways you can earn money from your videos:

  • Youtube Partner Program
  • Brightcove

9. Other sources of income

  • Text link ads -you can sell for fixed price for a fixed period of time
  • Donations (yes, you can beg)
  • Sell your own advertising